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The Usborne Book Of Castles: Internet-linked

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Usborne Book Of Castles Internetlinked

Usborne Pub Ltd

ISBN: 0794501443
Author: Lesley Sims / Jane Chisholm
Package Quantity: 1

You have got to read The Usborne Book Of Castles: Internet-linked an exceptional book written by Lesley Sims / Jane Chisholm. The author is Lesley Sims / Jane Chisholm and it was published on the 1st of October, 2002 by Usborne Pub Ltd. The book has 96 pages. If you prefer a copy of this child's book for your kids, click on our store button on this site.

Castles have an enduring fascination for young children of all ages, and this book is the perfect guide to their rich and exciting history. usborne-quicklinks. For direct links to these sites, and pictures from the book to download, go to Usborne Quicklinks at www. As properly as the history of castles, there are sections on chivalry, castle warfare and feasting. com. This book also consists of Usborne-recommended Internet sites that the reader can visit to find out more.


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