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Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself (build It Yourself Series)

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Great Medieval Projects You Can Build

Nomad Press

Model: FBA-|321216
ISBN: 0979226805
Author: Kris Bordessa

Presents information and hands-on activities related to life in Europe during the Middle Ages.
My children want to share with you this excellent children's book called Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself. Written by Kris Bordessa and it was published on the 1st of September, 2008 by Nomad Press. The book is concerning Middle Ages and it is viewed as exceptional juvenile literature. At the library the reference number is D117.A2 B67 2008. The child's history book is 128 pages long and it has black & white illustrations. The book emphasizes Handicraft.

Background comes  to life  in this interactive guide to the Middle Ages, which explores the fascinating period leading up to the Renaissance— such as siege warfare, markets and fairs, medieval medicine, and the feudal system— by way of quite a few hands-on activities. With little adult supervision and typical household objects, children can experience the Middle Ages firsthand by participating in far much more than 30 projects— such as creating a marshmallow cannon, a reliquary, or juggling sticks. Recipes and directions for making a medieval feast fit for a king are included, providing kids with an opportunity to step into character and sample traditional fare such as pokerounce, potage, and (nonalcoholic) mead. From monastic life and castle living to the Crusades along employing the Plague, each section provides a vivid glimpse into the daily life of medieval Europeans and ends using a single or a lot more fun activities.


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