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Across A Dark And Wild Sea (single Titles)

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Across A Dark And Wild Sea

Roaring Brook Press

Author: Don Brown

You ought to read a copy of Across A Dark And Wild Sea (single Titles) a great child's book. The author is Don Brown and the publisher is Roaring Brook Press. This was available in March of 2002. The children's book is 32 pages long. The book weighs around 1.1 lbs, click the hyperlink below.

Columcille was born in a remote corner of Ireland inside the year 521. History, drama, together with a love of books and reading fill a story--told here in exquisite watercolors and deflty understated prose by noted author and artist Don Brown. He grew up to develop to be a monk and a scribe a thousand years before the invention of printing, when books had to turn into copied by hand. To punish himself, he set out in a tiny boat, vowing to leave Ireland forever. There was one particular book, a beautiful volume of psalms from distant Rome, that Columcille especially loved, and although its owner refused him permission, Columcille secretly copied it. A revered figure in Celtic history, Columcille (also referred to as Columbia) founded the well-known monastery on the Scottish island of Iona and left a legacy of locating out that illuminated a corner of the Dark Ages. Legend has it that as a child, he was fed a cake filled with the letters of the alphabet, and so learned to love writing. So far better was the argument that a battle was fought between the two men's effective friends; although Columcille's side won, the victory felt hollow to him. The copy was discovered, and a dispute arose over who it belonged to: Columcille, who made it, or the owner inside the original.


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